Have a chanceto work in Australia.

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Every year Australia is looking for more than 120.000 specialists from various industries. We help you to stand out from the crowd. We assist you to write best Resume for Australian job market.

Our Great Services

My Resume Australia offers a wide range of service for international candidates looking for a job in Australia.

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To give you a greater chance to get a job in Australia. WE KNOW HOW TO WRITE A RESUME TO GET A JOB IN AUSTRALIA.


With professionalism and Australian job market experience. FOCUSED ON INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS.


Migrants and temporary workers from all around the world look for a job in Australia. Order your BEST RESUME written by us, today!


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Professional in what we do

We are different than other professional Resume writing companies.
Yet, like any other professional resume writing firm we are:

PROFESSIONAL in what we do.
90% of our clients are more than satisfied. They re-use our Resume simply adding up new work experience & new skills. There is no need to write a new Resume ever again!

EXPERIENCED in our service.
68% of our consultation clients come from “World of Mouth” marketing. Clients recommend us to their friend for our job consultancy service.

What makes us different…